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Butler passing hors d'oeuvres
Butler-passed Hors d’Oeuvres

Owners Eleni and Joelle cannot do it all alone, and therefore employ a host of talented people: servers, bartenders, food runners, stuff carriers, trash picker-uppers, hand holders– whatever needed to make the event seamless.

We choose to work with people who are professional in appearance and attitude. You will see our same staff members event after event because we believe in consistency. Our whole goal is to provide you with a stress-free event with talented individuals taking care of your every need. You deserve to be a guest at your own party!

We don’t just sell you food, beverages, and service; STF provides you with a complete experience.

Chef Eleni

Chef Eleni Vavouris

Executive Chef

Eleni feeds the masses and watches the bottom line. She enjoys playing with knives, setting things on fire, smoking big hunks of meat, and sipping on bourbon. When not in the kitchen, she prefers to be on a beach, but will settle for a nice deck and her grill at home– sipping on more bourbon.
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Chef Joelle

Chef Joelle Upton

Director of Operations

Joelle can usually be found creating lists, looking at the 27 open windows on her laptop, loading vans, meeting with clients, or helping to bring an event vision to life. In her free time, she enjoys watching basketball, football, live musical theater, and American Ninja Warrior, as well as wearing chunky bracelets, and eating sugar in any form.
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