Behind The Scenes of a Bridal Tasting

Prep & Set-up

We love to host Clients and potential Clients in our commercial kitchen for tastings. A private sampling is an intimate time with just us Chefs and up to four guests. It is a great time for us to not only get to know our Clients, but also showcase our Client’s specific menu. Chef Eleni sources fresh (and sometimes unique ingredients), spends hours prepping the items, and then cooks an entire roster of dishes for sampling. While helping in the kitchen, I am also out front setting out the glassware, cueing the slideshow on the flat screen, and opening the wine.

The Fun Part

Once guests arrive and settle in, the fun begins! We bring out the food in courses, based on the layout of their menu, and similar to a restaurant experience. Sometimes a sampling entails a full buffet menu-presented in servings for 2-4. Other times, we sample heavy hors d’oeuvres or menus for action stations. As the courses come out, we discuss each dish– really digging into what our guests love and what things we may need to tweak.

Tastings last at least an hour and a half and we are able to talk through flavor profiles, presentation, layout, logistics, and basically plan your entire event! Some wonder why we charge for these events, but as you can see, when guests come to our space, they have our full attention. The nominal fee helps offset ingredient costs, and after you come for a tasting, we’re sure you’ll find them well worth your investment!

For more information, check out our events page. If you’re interested in scheduling a tasting, please contact us.

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