National Food Holidays in 2018

National Food Holidays in 2018 We love any reason for celebrating and especially celebrating with food! This year, in addition to the classic holidays we all usually enjoy, we’re going to add a few more to our calendar. Did you know that there is a whole host of holidays that celebrate your favorite (and some […]

Breakfast at a Wedding

Breakfast is everyone’s favorite meal. With menu items like bacon, quiche, and chicken and waffles, it’s hard to find anyone who would turn down a delicious breakfast or brunch! Enjoying your favorite early morning dishes at a restaurant or in your home is always great, but getting to nosh on breakfast during the evening is […]

The Evolution of an Event

A funny thing about being in the food service industry: we often hear from family, friends, strangers, how much they would LOVE to cook or cater for a living. The best we can figure is that the grass is always greener phenomenon is at work. Another oddity to Eleni and me is that fact that […]