Vanderbilt Owen Commencement “Strawberries & Champagne” Reception

University Field House, 1200 Guests

Event Re-Cap

It is always a challenge to feed a group this large. Our mandate was to welcome recent Vanderbilt graduates and families into a vast space and make them feel welcome– with food and drink. We dressed up the indoor track with nice cocktail rounds with florals centerpieces from Greenfinch Floral, three bars with champagne and a non-alcoholic mango lemonade, and a giant 48’ buffet. The table was spread with massive amounts of grapes and berries, and accented with our Mediterranean Cheese Tarts and Chocolate Mousse Cups. It is amazing how quickly 48’ of food can disappear!

This event took about 6 months to plan and was over in about an hour. Life of a caterer!

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